Time to say Goodbye!

Foto4My last week in Sydney was absolutely amazing! I stayed at the Bunkhouse, a backpackers in Manly that was just a 2 minute walk away from the beach.

And even better, the Kaplan school was located just at the beach promenade!So the view from the classroom was great!

So directly after school we always had lunch and then went to the beach! We played beachvolleyball or just relaxed and got tanned;-) Unfortunately the current was very Fotostrong, so on most days we weren’t allowed to swim in the ocean! And there were even some shark warnings occasionally so of course I followed the rules and didn’t dare to swim on those days!! But on my second day I took a surf lesson for the first time which was very cool and I had lots of fun! But I’m not the most talented surfer I have to say. But at least I managed to stand up for a few seconds;-) Almost everyday I went to Sydney downtown by ferry. This trip was very nice, as approaching the harbour at circular quay you have an amazing view of the opera house and the harbour bridge!

Of course I did lots of shopping again and just enjoyed walking around exploring the city. One evening I met up with an Australian and a German skating friend which was very nice because I haven’t seen them in ages!

Foto31Another night I got the great opportunity to go to the opening night of the Australian ballet at the Opera House.What a great experience!! The performance was very unusual and inspiring!

The week passed by soo quickly, also because we had a day off from school on easter friday! So we went out to a club in Manly with most of the classmates the night before! The place was packed!! But we had a good time dancing and having fun!

Foto5Then it was finally time to say Goodbye to Australia for me:-( I couldn’t believe how fast this month went by! I had the best time and I’m certain that this wasn’t my last visit to Australia!

Thank you to everyone who made my stay so special and of course most of all to Pro Linguis for organizing my trip!


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Waterfront-HarbourMy week in Melbourne has already come to an end! The charger of my laptop didn’t work anymore and it took me some time to get a new one! That’s why my this blog entry is a bit delayed!

I absolutely loved Melbourne! A beautiful city!! I went to Impact English College located in the CBD (Central Business District) in the mornings! I stayed in a suburb called Preston. It took me almost an hour to get to the school by tram so I had to get up quite early! And the public transport system here is not bad at all, but it’s not as at home! I guess we’re a bit spoiled in Switzerland! The trams and trains are very crowded and they rarely run at the scheduled times!

On my first day after school I got to meet Andris, a friend of my choreographer Salomé Brunner! He’s also a choreographer (he used to work with the legendary Torvill/Dean) and works with dancers here in Melbourne at the moment! I had the chance to watch a rehearsal of 3 amazing up and coming australian dancers which was very inspiring!

AnIcehousedris also introduced me to all the people at the Icehouse! It’s an amazing facility that features 2 olympic size rinks and a gym! I All the skaters, parents, coaches and staff at the rink were incredibly nice and let me use the ice for free whenever I wanted! I skated a bit with the “rising stars” and showed them a few jumps and spins! It was great to see so many motivated young skaters! My first session was a bit tough, after I had basically just been lazy for the last 2 weeks! But then after a few sessions I felt more comfortable and even my jumps worked surprisingly well!

Wednesday afternoon I participated in a school activity which was called “Amazing Race”. It was a treasure hunt around the city! We got a map and 17. things to do or search around the city! It was lots of fun and I got to see so much of the city! Luckily my partner for this afternoon,Yann from France, has been here already a long time, so he knew the city very well! I think with my lack of orientation and map reading skills I would have been lost without him;-)

St.Kilda-BeachWhen I arrived in Melbourne it was really cold!!! I was getting a bit depressed about the weather because it was raining a lot in Brisbane and was very cloudy here! But the last 2 days have been fantastic! I went to South Melbourne and St.Kilda Beach! I think I finally got a bit of a tan;-)

What I loved most about Melbourne is that it’s full of nice little stores, cozy cafés (I’m a coffee lover!!), nice restaurants and bars! Even in all the suburbs theres so many fancy places!

And it’s shopping heaven!! But I couldn’t buy a lot of things as I am already travelling with my maximum amount of allowed luggage:-/

I’m a bit tired because I didn’t get much sleep the last few days! Nooo, not because I partied too much! But I followed the Figure Skating World Championships in Nice! And because of the time difference I stayed up until late cheering for my friends!

That was a really long blog entry, but it sums up pretty much my whole week in Melbourne! Now I’m off to Sydney tomorrow where I’m gonna stay in Manly Beach! Yayy!

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Bye Bye Brisbane


Woow, time has passed soo quickly!! My time in Brisbane is already almost over!

IMG_0967-1024x682I had a great second week at school and because we all worked hard we got our graduation certificate today ;-)

After graduation I finally got to go to South Bank! The sun was finally shining! I’m glad I got to see that part of the city with very nice restaurants and cafés and of course the “city beach”!

I did so many things this week, I can’t even think of all of them.

But one of the highlights was definitely the visit to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary!!

I got to cuddle a cute Koala and feed the Kangaroos and Birds!

Then yesterday night I got to meet Kara, Akaysha and Chelsea, three girls who are supported by Yalari, a foundation that offers scholarships to Indigenous children. The France family and Langports support this charity. IMG_0962

We celebrated Kara’s 14th birthday, so I decided to bake a cake. It got a little bit burnt and I hope everyone still liked it ;-)

Oh and I got to try the famous australian chocolate bars called Tim Tams! Absolutely delicious. So if you take a bite from each end and then put one end into a hot beverage like coffee or tea and try use it as a straw, it melts quickly and you have to hurry up to eat the whole thing! And that’s called Tim Tam Slam:-)

And today I finally made it to the ice rink!! It was very nice and wam compared to our ice rinks in Switzerland! I needed some minutes to get used to skating again,as I have been a bit lazy this week! Oh no, actually there’s one thing I forgot to mention: I went to the boxing workout, a Langport activity, on Wednesday. And it was really exhausting, but I had so much fun! I have to do this again!!

So that’s about it for the week. I’m off to Melbourne tomorrow! I had a really great time here in Brisbane and I will definitely be back sometimes!

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First week done!


Today my blog will be only in english, as I need to practice a little bit :-)

I just spent the most amazing weekend at Surfers Paradies!!

We (Anna and I)Foto22left Brisbane Friday afternoon and arrived just in time to still get to see the Langports school ,get some sun and enjoy the amazing view from our appartment right at the beach! There I got to meet Anna’s parents who were really nice! We went to have dinner at a moroccan restaurant with some of the Langports staff members who are also Anna’s friends! It was delicious!

On saturday morning I slept in and skipped my planned run at the beach ;) We spent the day at the beach in currumbin which is famous for surfing! But I didn’t try it yet, just relaxed and worked on my tan;-) Foto51

We also went on a speed boat trip! That was a lot of fun and we got reeeally wet!! We drove past a lot of beautiful houses on a small island. One of them apparently belonged to australian swimmer Ian Thorpe, another one to the owner of the Billabong company and one was Chackie Chan’s holiday house.

Foto4This morning there was the Aussies 2012 ,the Australian Surf Live Saving Championships,taking place near Surfers Paradies beach. It was interesting for me to watch, as we don’t have those kind of competitions in Switzerland…of course it would be difficult without the sea and beach ;-)


Unfortunately the weather wasn’t as beautiful as it apparently always is…I sometimes feel like I’m followed by a dark and rainy cloud wherever I go…BUT it wasn’t that bad, as we went to an outlet shopping mall on our way back to Brisbane!

On a sad note, even here the terrible bus accident made the news:( My condolences to all the belgian families who lost their beloved children:-(

Tomorrow my second week of school starts! I will get back with news soon!


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Die Schule hat begonnen

Ich komme gerade zurück von meinem zweiten Schultag!

Es gefällt mir sehr gut an der Schule und ich habe schon viele neue Wörter gelernt. Wir sind zwar nur 6 Schüler/innen in unserer Klasse, aber eine interessante Gruppe mit noch einer Schweizerin und einem Schweizer, einer Kolumbianerin, einer Koreanerin und einem Brasilianer.

Ich gehe jeweils nur halbtags zur Schule von 9.00-12.45. Leider regnet es seit gestern. Bei diesem warmen Temperaturen stört es mich aber nicht mal. Aber mit Strand war dann leider (noch) nichts. Meine Alternativprogramm war aber auch nicht schlecht. Ich besuchte die GOMA, die Gallery of Modern Arts.

Foto21Gestern war ein besonderer Tag, da ich meine schweizer Freundin Sheila traf, die auch noch gleich ihren 26. Geburtstag feierte. Wir feierten nicht zu wild, da ich ja heute wieder früh aufstehen musste. Trotzdem genossen wir ein schönes Dinner (Steak&Chips) und liessen den Abend in einer schönen Outdoor Lounge am Hafen ausklingen.

Heute ging ich nach der Schule ins Gym und absovierte mein Fitness Programm – mein Konditrainer Robin wäre bestimmt stolz auf mich ;-)

Die Schule bietet an mehreren Tagen die Woche ein abwechslungsreiches Freizeitprogramm. Heute steht die Pub Night auf dem Programm! Am Samstag ist St.Patricks Day und deswegen wird hier in den Irish Pubs schon die ganze Woche gefeiert…mal sehen wie fit wir morgen in der Schule sein werden ;-)

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Hallo aus Brisbane

Juhuiii endlich bin ich hier in Brisbane angekommen!

Da ich schon einige Tage für eine Eisshow in Tokyo verbracht habe, konnte ich mich schon ein wenig an die Zeitumstellung gewöhnen.Ich flog von Tokyo nach Sydney und da blieb dann auch mein Koffer stecken! Zum Glück hats mein Gepäck schliesslich einen Flug später auch noch nach Brisbane geschafft!

78300_015_040_018en gings gleich zur Langports Sprachschule mitten im Stadtzentrum! Dort absolvierte ich zuerst meinen Einstufungstest und – oh Wunder- ich hatte doch noch nicht alles vergessen was ich mal vor langer Zeit in der Schule gelernt hatte. Danach wurde ich herzlich von Anna empfangen, bei der ich im Appartment wohnen darf!

Ich konnte mich auf keinen Fall hinlegen, musste mich nach dem langen Flug ein bisschen bewegen! Ich joggte eine Weile dem Brisbane River entlang& genoss das herrlich warme Wetter! Später machte ich mich mit dem Zug auf dem Weg von Auchenflower wo sich das Appartment befindet bis zum Stadtzentrum!

Foto11Was ich bisher von der Stadt gesehen habe gefällt mir super; erinnert mich ein wenig an Vancouver, meine Lieblingsstadt! Ich hatte also eine gute Wahl getroffen;) Nach einem wunderbaren Nachtessen “zu Hause” falle ich todmüde ins Bett und bin gespannt auf meinen ersten Schultag morgen!


Eure Sarah

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Bald gehts nach Australien!

Wow die Zeit vergeht wie im Fluge! Nur noch etwas mehr als eine Woche und ich starte mein Australienabenteuer!

Ich habe kurzfristig noch eNSW_NR02>ine Anfrage fûr eine Charity Show der Weltmeisterin Miki Ando erhalten! Diese findet am 11.3 in Tokyo statt! Nun reise ich also am 8.3 nach Tokyo und danach weiter nach Australien! Ich werde dort 3 verschiedene Schulen besuchen. Mein erstes Ziel ist Brisbane,danach folgen Melbourne und Sydney!

Ich freue mich riesig auf die Reise! Meine letzten Tage in der Schweiz werden wohl noch etwas stressig werden, denn ich habe noch sehr viele Termine; Fotoshootings,Referate,Trainingstage,Autosalon…und und und! Packen werde ich wohl in letzter Sekunde! Aber es ist wohl sowieso besser wenn ich nicht zuviel einpacke, da ich bestimmt noch einiges einkaufen werde;-)

Ich werde euch natürlich über meine Erlebnisse und Geschehnisse auf diesem Blog auf dem Laufenden halten! Bis bald, dann aus Down Under;) Sarah

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Sarah Meier fährt mit Pro Linguis nach Australien

Nach einer intensiven Zeit mit diversen Shows und Auftritten aller Art geht es nun ans Koffer packen für Sarah Meier. Ab dem 14. März wird Sarah in Australien drei verschiedene Schulen in Brisbane, Melbourne und Sydney besuchen.

Bei einem Interview im Tele Top erzählt sie ein wenig davon. Ab Minute 20.27 erfahren sie mehr über Sarahs Sprachaufenthalt mit Pro Linguis.

Sarah Meier bei Tele Top

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Sarah bei der Sportlounge

Sarah Meier ist gefragter den je! Als Schweizer Sportlerin des Jahres geniesst sie die Aufmerksamkeit der Schweizer Medienwelt. Auch das Schweizer Fernsehen hat einen Bericht über die Eiskunstläuferin gebracht.


Bei Minute 5.20 sehen Sie den Beitrag über Pro Linguis. Viel Spass dabei!

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Sarah Meier ist Sportlerin des Jahres 2011!

Nach dem Europameister Titel am 29. Januar 2011 im heimischen Bern geniesst Sarah Meier Ihren zweiten grossen Erfolg im Jahre 2011: Am Sonntag Abend wird Sarah verdient zur Schweizer Sportlerin des Jahres gekürt!

Pro Linguis gratuliert Sarah Meier zu diesem Erfolg und freut sich, die Eiskunstläuferin bald auf Ihrem Sprachaufenthalt begleiten zu dürfen!


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